Tenaga Pengajar


No. NIDN/NUP Nama Dosen Pendidikan/Jabatan Fungsional
1 Ade Irwan, ST., MT S1/ Tenaga Pengajar
2 0114117901 Ahmad Rizali Nasution, ST S1/ Tenaga Pengajar
3 0114098701 Dian Morfi Nasution, ST., MT S1/ Tenaga Pengajar
4 0129117802 Din Aswan Amran Ritonga, ST, MT S2/ Asisten Ahli
5 0112088603 Fadly Ahmad Kurniawan Nasution, ST., MT S2/ Asisten Ahli
6 0103036301 Ir. Junaidi, MT S2/ Lektor Kepala
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class=”ng-binding”>Ir. Muhammad Akhir, MT

S2/ Lektor
8 0106058104 Muhammad Idris, ST, MT S2/ Asisten Ahli
9 0105047202 Muhammad Khaidir Ar-Rozy, ST S1/ Asisten Ahli
10 0119107502 Weriono, ST., MT S2/ Tenaga Pengajar